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Signal Conditioners

Quality signal conditioners and isolators for both digital and analogue signals


A30 USB/RS232/RS485 to RS485 converter
Isolated DIN Rail Signal Converter for Serial Communications

Two versions of the A30 converter are available:
A30 U = from USB to RS485/TTL
A30 - = from USB/RS232/RS485 to RS485/TTL
  • Dimensions: 27.80 x 77.31 mm, depth 87.50 mm
  • OMEGA din rail mounting inside the cabinet
  • Connection with 2.5 mm² terminals or with plug-in terminals
  • Power supply (for model A30 U): 24 VAC/VDC or 100... 240 VAC ± 10%
  • Power supply (for model A30 -): 5V from USB port

CT500P AC current transmitter
AC Current Transmitter

  • Available as a one or two channel device
  • Input 0-1A AC or 0-5A AC
  • Output 4-20mA proportional to average current
  • Frequency range from 45 to 400Hz

picture CVT500 universal transmitter
Universal Current & Voltage Transmitter for sinusoidal AC and DC

The CVT500 will take inputs of up to 400V* AC or DC or 0-1A or 0-5A currents from CTs and retransmit as an
isolated standard signal.
*When custom range is specified-standard dual range 0-125V AC/DC and 0-250V AC/DC

  • Arithmetic average value measurement,RMS calibrated or DC
  • Output 0/4 ... 20 mA or 0/2 ... 10 V DC switch selectable
  • Span adjustable ±5 %
  • Full 3-port isolation
  • Supply voltage 230 V AC or 24 V DC
  • Power on LED
  • 22.5 mm case for DIN rail mounting

TV500L signal isolator
Isolating Signal Converter with Unipolar or Bipolar Inputs/Outputs

  • Switch-selectable inputs 0/4...20mA and 0/2...10V or -20 ... 20mA and -10 ... 10V
  • Switch-selectable outputs 0/4...20mA and 0/2...10V or -20 ... 20; and -10 ... 10V
  • Proportional or inverse proportional output span
  • Galvanic isolation @ 3-way
  • Supply voltage 230V AC or 24V DC
  • 22.5 mm Din rail mounting
  • Power on LED

Z109 Isolating Temperature Transmitter
Universal Converter with Galvanic Isolation

  • INPUT: Voltage, Current, TC (J,K,R,S,T,B,E,N), PT100, Potentiometer
  • OUTPUT:current 0..20, 4 . 20 mA voltage 0..5, 1..5, 0..10, 2..10 Vdc (scale inversion also)
  • DIP-SWITCHES for selecting: input type, zero and span, output mode (zero elevation, scale inversion),
    output span
  • Galvanic isolation @ 3-way
  • Screw-fit terminals removable
  • Din rail mounting
  • Power supply: 19..40 Vdc, 19..28 Vac