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PCS are more than just component suppliers. We can design and build complete control panels ready for integration into your manufacturing process. A typical control panel comprises a thyristor, solid state relay or rectifier in an enclosure, enclosure cooling, electromechanical switch gear, a transformer to match required load voltage to the actual line voltage, instrumentation for control, indication, monitoring and recording where required. We specialise mainly in electrical heating controls and rectifiers but we are not limited to these areas. Feel free to contact us on 03 9720 4522 or to discuss your specific needs

Furnace SCADA screenshot Furnace mimic panel

Furnace control panel with SCADA system and HMI panel

920A Thyristor (SCR) panel 920A Thyristor (SCR) panel internal

Set of 920 Amp SCR panels for elution heaters at Newmont Boddington gold mine

450A Thyristor (SCR) panel 450A Thyristor (SCR) panel exterior
Multizone SSR control panel Multizone SSR control panel interior

Multizone temperature control panel using solid state relays

Multizone thyristor (SCR) control panel

Gas heater control panel for Airliquide     


  • Custom built power semiconductor assemblies
  • Repair and refurbish thyristor assemblies,
    rectifiers and soft starters
  • Design, construct & commission control panels
  • Perform thermal calculations and devise cooling
    strategies for power semiconductor assemblies
  • Integrate SCADA systems & remote monitoring
  • Control loop tuning
  • Troubleshooting


  • Newmont Boddington Gold
  • Air Liquide
  • Onesteel
  • ALS Technologies
  • Ansac Pty Ltd