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Refrigeration Controllers

Ascon TecnologicDigital Electronic Thermo Controller with Defrost Function

The Z31 is a digital electronic thermocontroller with a single input for PTC or NTC temperature sensors and a robust 16A
rated relay output.
The Z31 temperature controller that is typically used for cooling applications that require on/off switching mode and defrost
control by stopping the compressor at defined defrost intervals. An internal buzzer is also available for audible alarm
The Z31S features the "Sensitive Touch" capacitive keyboard. This innovative patented system has no moving parts to
wear out, is impervious to dust and liquids and has a flat surface that is easy to clean making it a perfect instrument for
the food industry.

  • 1 input for PTC or NTC temperature probes
  • 1 Relay output SPST or SPDT, 16A/250VAC (AC1)
  • Configurable defrost cycles by stopping compressor
  • Range -50 to 150°C
  • On/off control
  • Password parameter protection
  • Keyboard lock function
  • Optional alarm buzzer
  • Optional "sensitive touch" keypad featuring no moving parts and high resistance to liquids and dust
  • Save, transfer and store instrument configuration on A01 programming key as well as store configuration to PC
Stock units:
0060570028 Z31AGS---
0060570031 Z31AHS---