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Power Management

REVO-PC is a system, working in conjunction with thyristor based solid state switches, designed to minimise your energy costs by limiting maximum demand and by evenly distributing your power demand over time. It uses a highly sophisticated yet simple to implement algorithm to accomplish this.

Benefits of the REVO-PC system:

REVO-PC is designed to control multi zone, multi loop heating loads.
One REVO-PC unit can control:

Easy to implement
Only a few parameters need to be entered to configure the REVO-PC system from
CD Automation:
  • Set the operating current of each heater zone
  • Set the total power limit
  • Set the power of each zone

The Live Predictive Synchronization automatically controls all zones resulting in improved
  • Total current is equal to a sinusoidal wave form
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • Instantaneous current close to average value
  • Minimisation of harmonics
  • Power saving by harmonic reduction
  • Elimination of flicker

Smart power limitation
  • Smart power limitation works in conjunction with syncronization. REVO-PC makes
    a live predictive calculation of power at each period & generates output values
    for the next period
  • If the calculated power is below the power limit, the previous values remain
    with each zone using full power
  • If the calculated power is above the power limit, the power of each zone is
    reduced proportionally to restrict maximum power demand, preventing any
    increase in energy tariffs imposed by the electricity supplier