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Listed below are the most common metric stud diode types. We also sell imperial UNF threaded diodes as well as isolated diode modules and larger puck type diodes. In most cases we can source replacement diodes for your application. Please contact us on 03 9720 4522 or to discuss your specific needs.

Stud Diodes

stud diode
Metric threaded stud diodes

SKN: Anode to stud
SKR: Cathode to stud
Part Number Amp Rating Voltage (PIV) Thread Size
SKN45/04 50A 400 M8
SKR45/04 50A 400 M8
SKN45/08 50A 800 M8
SKR45/08 50A 800 M8
SKN45/12 50A 1200 M8
SKR45/12 50A 1200 M8
SKN45/16 50A 1600 M8
SKR45/16 50A 1600 M8
SKN70/04 95A 400 M8
SKR70/04 95A 400 M8
SKN70/08 95A 800 M8
SKR70/08 95A 800 M8
SKN70/12 95A 1200 M8
SKR70/12 95A 1200 M8
SKN70/16 95A 1600 M8
SKR70/16 95A 1600 M8
SKN100/04 125A 400 M12
SKR100/04 125A 400 M12
SKN100/08 125A 800 M12
SKR100/08 125A 800 M12
SKN100/12 125A 1200 M12
SKR100/12 125A 1200 M12
SKN100/16 125A 1600 M12
SKR100/16 125A 1600 M12
SKN130/04 165A 400 M12
SKR130/04 165A 400 M12
SKN130/08 165A 800 M12
SKR130/08 165A 800 M12
SKN130/12 165A 1200 M12
SKR130/12 165A 1200 M12
SKN130/16 165A 1600 M12
SKR130/16 165A 1600 M12
SKN240/04 320A 400 M16
SKR240/04 320A 400 M16
SKN240/08 320A 800 M16
SKR240/08 320A 800 M16
SKN240/12 320A 1200 M16
SKR240/12 320A 1200 M16
SKN240/16 320A 1600 M16
SKR240/16 320A 1600 M16