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Instruction manual
GMH3430 Conductivity Meter
Digital precision conductivity measuring device

Measuring range (conductivity): 0.0 µS/cm...200.0 mS/cm
Measuring range (temperature): -5.0...100.0 °C
Resistance: 0.005...100.0 kOhm
Salinity: 0.0...70.0
TDS: 0...1999 mg/l
Cell constant: 0.8...1.2 (adjustable)
Compensation coefficient:
nLF, for natural water according to EN27888 (DIN38404)
Lin: linear compensation from 0.3...3.0 %/K
off: no compensation
Display: 2 four digit LCD displays
Measuring cell: two-electrode-conductivity measuring cell with integrated temperature sensor
Miscellaneous: min./max. value memory, hold function, battery/mains powered, auto-off, automatic temperature compensation, serial interface
Conform to the regulation of the drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV 2001) and to
DIN EN 27288
Order code: 0190040013
Instruction manual
GLF100 Conductivity Meter
All-purpose Conductivity Measuring Device with Electrode
  • Complies with Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV 2001)
  • Complies to DIN EN 27888
  • Adjustable
  • Main Field of Application: water, waste water, chemical solutions etc.
Measuring Range:
Conductivity 0 ... 2000 µS/cm, 0,00 ... 20,00 mS/cm, 0,0 ... 100,0 mS/cm
TDS: 0 ... 2000 mg/l
Salinity: 0,0 ... 50,0 g/kg
Temperature: -10,0 ... 110,0 °C, switchable to °F
Conductivity,TDS,Salinity ± 0,5% of reading ± 0,5% full scale
Temperature: ± 0,3 K
Temp. compensation: OFF or nLF (nonlinear temp.compensation) according to
EN 27888
Cell Constant C: 0,800 ... 1,200, adjustable
Reference Temp.: 20°C or 25°C, alternatively
Working Temperature: Device: -25 ... +50°C
Electrode: -5 ... +80°C (for a short time 100°C)
Battery: 9V-Block, Type 6F22 (in scope of supply)
Power Consumption: < 1,5 mA, approx. 200 operating hours
Display: approx. 11mm high, 4-digit LCD display with additional segments
Dimensions: Housing: 110 x 67 x 30 mm (L x W x H)
Mains Adaptor Socket: none
Serial Interface: none
Additional Features: BAT, Min-/Max-Value, Auto-Power-Off, Hold, Offset, Scale
Electrode: 2-pole graphite electrode with integrated temperature sensor, cell constant
C=1.0, electrode material of special graphite, body material
of PPO (Poly-Phenylen-Oxide)
Dimensions: Ø12mm, 120mm long, cable length 1,2m
Order code:0190040050
Instruction manual
GLF100RW Conductivity Meter for High Purity Water
Conductivity Meter for Ultra-Pure Water incl. Conductivity Electrode
  • High resolution of 0,001 µS/cm
  • 3 conductivity measuring ranges 2,000 / 20,00 / 100,0 µS/cm
  • Display of resistivity
  • Area of Application:
    • Checking of pure and ultra-pure water
    • Checking of boiler water
    • Functional check of ion exchangers
    • Measuring of destilled, deionized, demineralized, desalinated water
Measuring Ranges:
Conductivity 0 ... 2,000 µS/cm, 0,00 ... 20,00 µS/cm, 0,0 ... 100,0 µS/cm
Resistivity 0,01 ... 20,00 MOhm * cm
Temperature: -5,0 ... 80,0 °C, changeable to °F
Conductivity (typ.)
better ± 1,0% ± 0,5 % FS
Temperature: ± 0,3 K
OFF: temperature compensation deactivated
nLF: non-linear temperature compensation to EN 27888
naCl: compensation for NaCl solutions to EN 60746-3
LIN: linear temp. compensation with adjustable coefficient
Reference Temperature: 20°C or 25°C, optionally
Working Temperature: Device: -25 ... +50°C
Electrode: -5 ... +80°C
Battery: 9V battery, type 6F22 (included in delivery)
Current Consumption: < 1,5 mA, approx. 200 operating hours
Display: ca. 11mm high, 4-digit LCD display
Dimensions: Housing: 110 x 67 x 30 mm (L x W x H)
External Power Supply: none
Serial Interface: none
Additional Functions: BAT, Min-/Max-Value, Auto-Power-Off, Hold, Offset, Scale
Concentric 2-pole stainless steel electrode (1.4404, 1.4435) with integrated temperature sensor
Dimensions: Ø12mm, 75mm long, cable length ca. 1m
Included in Delivery: 1 Device with Electrode, 1 Battery, 1 Operating Manual
Order code:0190040056