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Combustion Control

If you are looking to save energy, reduce pollution, and improve safety, Ascontecnologic's ASCOMB combustion control products are great tools for optimising your combustion process.

Ascontecnologic Oxygen Trim Controller

The OXR oxygen "trim" controller regulates an auxiliary air stream in order to achieve an optimum air/fuel ratio
  • Continually adjusts air/fuel ratio for optimum combustion for any given load
  • Combustion optimisation calculated from measured oxygen content in the flue gas
  • Reduces fuel consumption by minimising chimney flue heat loss
  • Two curves of 4 segments selectable (depending on fuel characteristics) to perform corrective action
    during load changes
combustion curve graph
Ascontecnologic Oxygen Monitor

The OXM oxygen monitor automatically calculates:
  • Efficiency
  • Excess air
  • %Carbon dioxide
making it possible to continuously calculate the combustion process in terms of safety and energy saving.
ZO2 Probes
ZO2 Oxygen Sensor Picture Ascontechnologic logo
Ascontecnologic Oxygen Measurement Probe for Flue Gases

  • Direct flue measurement models with integral electronics
  • Direct flue measurement models with remote electronics for high temperature / vibration applications
  • Extractive measurement model with gas extracted from flue
  • 4-20mA output, active or passive, non isolated
Ascontecnologic in-situ CO analyser

  • Measures the entire area of the chimney
  • Measurement range adjustable from 0…500 ppm to 0…20.000 ppm relative to 1 m measuring path
  • Sender receiver distance up to 2500 mm
  • Accuracy 5% of full scale
  • Flue gases temperature = 250°C (with extended calibration: = +430°C)
  • Visual ppm, mg/m3 and mg/Nm3
  • TUV certification